Looking for Angel Investor to fund unique sneaker resell boutique
Posted by: Stephen Bond on 11/3/2016 6:05:11 PM
Funding Needed:
$100k - $250k
Retail / Distribution
Location :
Chicago, USA
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I am looking to start a unique boutique where you can find limited editions to unworn vintage sneakers, Unique Kicks will have fresh pairs of your must-haves and your sneaker grails, and the rarest shoes that you can buy. We will also do consignments with an 80/20 split of the profit. Sales will be in our physical location as well as online and through our social media outlets.

Last year alone the sneaker resell industry was valued at over a billion dollars. With eBay doing over 350 million in sales just in sneakers alone.

I am seeking 250,000 to secure my retail location, purchase more inventory, hire employees and have working capital. I am willing to split profits 50/50.
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