Looking for a Angel Investor to help me in a life changing experience
Posted by: Amanda Denney on 11/7/2016 5:39:01 PM
Funding Needed:
Under $100k
Retail / Distribution
Location :
Gridley, USA
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All my life I have been told and shown there is no way to be successful. That you can only be born into the freedom of wealth. It was just known that I could work endlessly and I'd basically be able to survive. Well I'm tired of surviving.. I want to live! I want to live with passion and freedom. I am so very blessed with my life. I have an incredible husband and children. I am a beautiful person and have a lot of love to share with this world. My husband and I both work very hard to survive but I choose more. I choose to be successful in my independent business. I choose to provide my husband and children the peace in financial freedom. I am working hard but I need help to release me from the burden of past debt and a start up in my business to build my dream. I am determined women, mother and wife who is willing to try anything to succeed in my dream. I have been turned away for every loan I have applied for. I would like to repay any who help me but if there are people willing to invest in me I would love to graciously accept there help. Please help give me a chance to to build my business into everything I have dreamed. Once I have successfully supported my family and my business is very productive I can spread and return the love shown to me by an angel and deliver the same to others. Looking for a startup in the amount of $5000-$10000.00 Thank you!
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