Looking for angel investor for unique new business idea
Posted by: Susan Jones on 10/22/2016 3:48:36 AM
Funding Needed:
Under $100k
Retail / Distribution
Location :
Reno, USA
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I started making various scented animals several years ago. Through trial and error, I learned how to scent the poly fill without leaving it wet or oily. It goes through a scenting and drying process for 24-48 hours prior to my stuffing the plush animals. My process and scented poly fill does not exist. Others use scented child or wax to scent but I scent the animals from the inside out. I have a website and am an established business already. I have to buy supplies a little at a time because I have to business money or funding. This could be a huge line of products of created and marketed the correct way. I am a wife of a disabled vet and a 42 year old college student and I know I tapped into something new and unique. My process of scenting is my own; it is time tested. I would like to grow and expand my business.
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