World Class Chili Recipe Poised for Explosive Growth
Posted by: paulge on 10/27/2016 8:18:03 PM
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Under $100k
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Spartanburg, USA
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Ok Folks, here goes:

In 2013 I though I had it pegged. I found an investor on this site and we opened a restaurant. Unfortunately I made a very poor choice in partners and he decided he did not want me or my family involved and so out the door we went.

A few months later in 2014 I partnered with 2 local surgeons and we started with a simple hot dog cart. I stood under a tent for 2 years in every kind of weather imaginable and sold my hot dogs. Keep in mind these are not ordinary hot dogs. My claim to fame is my wood-fired chili. I take fresh ground beef patties, hit them with a dry rub, grill them on a Big Green Egg over hickory and oak and then grind them up to make the chili with 8 spices and ingredients added. This chili is so unique I was selling an 8oz tub for $7.50. My first full year under the tent I worked 248 days, when you net out Sundays and rain days. In that 248 days I sold 52,000 hot dogs! In that 2 year period I sold in excess of 125,000 hot dogs at $2 apiece.

Unfortunately my surgeon partners pulled out due to one of them moving out of the area leaving the one behind holding the bill. The bill? We had plans drawn to build a 4000 sq ft log cabin restaurant with an investment on excess of 800K.

Because they pulled out and some legal issues I had to resolve with original partner, I had to sell the hot dog cart and leave the business. It broke my heart to give this up but I simply don't have the funds to do it right. The legal issues are resolved and I still have the recipe along with a Facebook page with 2000+ "Likes." Not only do I have 2000 Likes I have a 5 star rating on 121 reviews. That is unheard of, especially on a hot dog cart.

I am looking for an investor that can either fund a small enclosed hot dog trailer and tow vehicle or outfit a very small one man restaurant. There are advantages to both and I would gladly discuss both options.

This is a proven commodity just waiting to explode. This chili could be a national brand and you will believe it too when you read my Facebook page.

Lets Talk

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