Potential Annual Gross Revenues of $540,000,000 from nanotechnology to aid industry and
Posted by: Cary Giles on 4/5/2012 7:10:29 PM
Funding Needed:
Above $1mil
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Matteson, Illinois, USA
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Our Chief Technical Officer (PhD) has 2 international patents already (and one more in the process.) Two are in the Bioscience area and one answers the EPA's new mercury abatement guidelines for water soluble mercury. These are owned by the University where she teaches but she would like to start her own R&D Lab to address the the top 3 emitters of mercury vapor which are produced by power plants, cement plants, industrial boilers, etc. Current levels filtered out are 40-70% and the power plant industry (600in the U.S. alone) spend an average $6.7 mil a year on their abatement efforts which only filter 40-70% using carbon pellets, a physical means. Her emphasis is on nanotechnology with which she has proven more than capable, as evidenced by the water soluble mercury filter at 99% removal rate. There are two other start-up projects also, one being an answer to DOD's published request for a high-energy aluminum molecule and she has the answer to immediate triage of burn victims, both for the public, hospitals and the military. She is tired of being stymied by the small university and would like to profit more on her own, utilizing her creativity and knowledge. The 3 year planned budget is for almost $5,000,000 to set-up the Lab, equip and staff it and cover other expenses. The beginning of a revenue stream beginning in 18 months through the burn victim project.
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