Investor needed to start a tour guide co. in Waikiki
Posted by: Glennis Kanae-Rodrigues on 6/15/2016 12:50:00 PM
Funding Needed:
Under $100k
Travel / Transportation
Location :
Honolulu, USA
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My tour guide company will provide travel packages (1-3 days) where we will provide transportation to specific destinations and back and also film the experience with drones and give the customers a video of their adventure plus breathtaking aerial views of Hawaii.

The destinations will include beautiful beach spots (away from the tourists), amazing hikes that lead to waterfalls with small cliff jumps for great fun, and snorkeling to see the gorgeous marine life.

Providing transportation to and from these destinations will cut the costs of car rentals plus you get taken to beautiful spots and have it all put on a dvd for you and your family to enjoy always.
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