Water Taxi transportation service
Posted by: Mamadou Babakar Sow on 8/21/2016 3:58:46 PM
Funding Needed:
$100k - $250k
Travel / Transportation
Location :
Oslo, Norway
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I'm based in Oslo norway, and I've created a business plan for a water taxi transportation service to the geral public in my country of origin in the capital Conakry in the Republic of Gunea.
a very very very profitable business, because there is nobody else offering this type of service.
thcapital is a lon strech of land which streches nearly 36 km out in the atlantic ocean making the capital surrounded by the ocean, which completely facilitates a water taxi service to the general public.
I inerested in USD $ 150 000, to generate after first year excercise a revenue of USD $ 540 000 at the lowest local fare rates per ticket fee rate to the public of 1 dollar a trip from A to B.
and a potential of 1560 passengers per day, with two services 30 passenger brand new 150-200 horse power boats bought in China brand new.
-Each boat cost USD $ 9800.
-Diesel costs per year will amount USD $ 35 000
-Salaries of a ten staff members company will be at USD $ 60 000
-Office and administration and Technology fees will amount to USD $ 20 000
Therefore innitial budget expense for the first year will be: USD $ 139 000
Revenue/ sales first year: 1560*1*30*12= USD $ 561 000
profit of: USD $ 422 000

Only with 2 boats with 1 embarcation per hour during 8 hours a day everyday.

plans for enpanding to 2 embarcations per hour, then 4 embarcations per hour. Making it cumpulsary to purchace 4 more boats in the future, multiplying the profits by 4.
All this at local transportation fees to the general public affordable by everybody.

And there is no competition, because nobody else is supplying this service in Guinea. Authorisation from the authorities will be required, and we can can this authority. we only need the funding, and we are ready to share the profits with our investors at a great advantage for the investors.

please reply whether this is interesting to you.
Best reguards
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